Welcome Playdate ROCKSTARS!

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We are so excited for the launch of PAL By Project Playdate! We welcome all of you, new and old Specialists with us in the next phase of Playdate- We cannot express our gratitude enough for your talent, patience, time, energy, and support. We've put together this resource center to help you navigate through all of the Playdate universe with ease. 

Here you’ll find some valuable resources to jumpstart and maintain your profile on PAL and inspiration to build out your own playdate library. All itineraries and lesson plans are in a ‘copy-friendly’ google doc format so you can even use them as templates and create your playdates in a breeze!

You can also keep up with all of the current events, find music, book, and activity inspiration, and dive into some extended learning options. With new ideas, templates, and information being added every month, be sure to subscribe to site updates to stay in the know!

*Should you have any questions, you may contact us directly on the contact page*