Looking for some quick "best of" resources? Check out some of this year's "Scholastic Top 25 websites" for educators and caregivers. We love them and hope you will too! Check out the full list here

1. Best for Young Readers

Scholastic Kids

2. Best for Finding Books

Book Wizard

3. Best for Craft Projects

Crayola For Educators

4. Best Way to Start the Day

Daily Starters

5. Best for Writing

Education Northwest

6. Best Online Dictionary


7. Best Math Games

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

8. Best for Geography

Google Earth

9. Best for History


10. Best for Science

 National Science Teachers Association

11. Best for Current Events

 Scholastic News

12. Best for Middle School Aged


13. Best for Virtual Trips

Smithsonian Education

14. Best Multimedia Tool


15. Best for Video Clips


16. Best for Moviemaking


17. Best for Tough Topics

Teaching Tolerance

18. Best Professional Development On the Go

 Annenberg Learner



General Caregiving

Social & Emotional Care