Check out and download some of our signature itinerary samples to make planning that Playdate a breeze! When you've gotten enough inspiration from the samples, scroll below to download itinerary templates to help speed up your planning process-


Excursion Itineraries

If there's one thing we're known for, it's our AMAZING excursion-based playdates. Whether you're planning a museum trip, park break, or tour around the city, these itineraries are sure to give you some major fun-points with the kids, and valuable 411 tips (to keep things running smoothly.


In-Home Itineraries

Although we're known for having tons of fun on excursions around the city, we do have a lot of fun, fresh, and flexible playdates for the indoors. These are adaptable for home, school, corporate/residential events or really any indoor space you can think of!



Flex Itineraries

Sometimes you just can't quite find a place for something but... you definitely can't throw it away because it's probably awesome! Here we don't like to throw away awesome experiences and ideas just because they don't fit in to everything else. Instead we keep them for a rainy day! If you find a use for these special, once-in-a-while itineraries, be sure to take lots of pics and share with us!